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Listening to what America Wants
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The America I Want program is about individual expression, collective listening, and citizen participation. It’s a social media forum to reflect on what we  want for our country and ourselves.


We Need You

America is a teeming, raucous place made up of people from around our planet. We want to capture the great diversity of points of view, of back-grounds, and of ways of being an American. We are doing this by creating America’s national word cloud. Our goal is to explore how America might better serve the hopes and aspirations of all its people. So we have a simple question. What is the America you want? As you answer it, think specifically how America could help you lead a rich, successful and fulfilling life. Your words will automatically be incorporated in America's national word cloud. The more a word is repeated the larger it will appear. Take a look. It’s pretty interesting. Then join us!



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Portrait of Our Country 

Our word clouds open up many possibilities. They are a creative and open-ended way to engage Americans from across the country. They are a marker to help us visualize and then synthesize what we are thinking and feeling as a nation. They promote reflection, allowing us to turn text-based insights into measurable analytics. They will bring us together with our leaders to make change. They are a springboard for discussions on civics among professors, high school teachers and their students. They will encourage Americans to get to know each other by comparing attitudes among regions and states. Our word clouds are a vehicle for a conversation among Americans about what we want for our country and ourselves.



 It's anonymous and easy to do 
Automatically updated on a daily basis
America is Us

Americans' shared desires lie in our personal aspirations. Despite the noise, we are remarkably united. We all want to be admired and respected. We want the freedom to be ourselves and express ourselves. We want to grow to our full potential without unfair obstacles blocking our paths. We want our society to give us the necessary tools to get ahead in life, including good schools, access to jobs, an even playing field and healthcare security. In sum, we want to live rich lives through our work, families, and friends while exploring our dreams. America is an extension of ourselves. We see a society that we both admire and criticize. Our national and state word clouds will focus our imagination on our country and on our future.

Our Word Cloud
The America I Want program has multiple objectives. We are engaging Americans of all backgrounds in a dialogue about our country. Our focus is on what we hold in common rather than our differences. 

As Linley Foundation’s mission is in education, we share what we are learning with university and high school teachers to use in their classrooms. We are also connecting Americans with our public life. We will bring together young people with governors, legislators, judges and other officials. The overall goal is to turn what all Americans want into positive change.

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Leaders and experts reflect on our country

We are taking the important topics you have raised and inviting experts and thought influencers to discuss them, drawing on their knowledge and experience. We are also asking leaders to tell us what they admire about their states. What can their states contribute to America? And how might America be better off it it were more like their states?