A place where we come together to reflect on our country
For the past century America has been brilliant at tackling big challenges both at home and abroad. Today we face two challenges like none before—a heating planet and a divided country. These challenges are intertwined. We must meet one if we hope to meet the other. “The America I Want Is…” program  focuses on addressing America’s domestic divisions, while directing attention to the environmental crisis. It’s a mission well within our grasp and in keeping with the spirit of our country.

“The America I want Is…” social media program is about individual expression, collective listening, and citizen participation. It’s a forum to express and reflect on what we want for our country.


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 Our Inspiration

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Our inspiration is the native North American tradition of the Talking Circle. The tribe or band gathers to consider an important issue. A talking stick is passed from member to member. Only the person holding the stick can speak. Everyone else listens. There is no argument or crosstalk. The Talking Circle allows each member to understand what others are thinking and feeling. It is a way to tap into the collective consciousness of the whole group. “The America I Want Is…” program is respectfully borrowing this rich tradition and applying it to America as a whole.

Indigenous Leaders Discuss Talking Circles 
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America is a large nation with many voices. Social media has allowed us to scale up the Talking Circle to include the country as a whole. We have digitized the Talking Circle so that every American might hold the talking stick. We want to hear what the America you want is, and how you think our country could be better. Our program will allow us to embrace the great diversity of points of view, of backgrounds, and of ways of being an American.

See what thousands of Americans want for their country