David was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised in Brazil and received his secondary and university education in Europe. 


He has a BA in Portuguese and French literature from King's College, London and an MA in English literature from the University of Massachusetts. 


David began his career as a lecturer in 19th-century Portuguese literature. After leaving academia, he founded the Linley Group, Inc., a Boston-based consulting company, focused on the commercial real estate industry. He later founded Linley International, investment advisors focused on Latin America.


David is co-founder of the Linley Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in education, environmental and animal-rights projects. 


Currently, he is a public speaker, professional interviewer and writer. He is responsible for the conceptualizing and launch of the America I Want social media campaign. David has a deep love for philosophy while, over his life, pursuing a range of eclectic interests, from flying, skydiving to horseback riding. 


He is married to the Brazilian artist, Maria Lucia Ferreira, and divides his time between Vermont, Brazil and Europe.

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Nathan was born and raised in Sacramento, California.


He discovered his passion at an early age after enrolling in an animation course at his high school, where he learned the basics of film production. Subsequently, he became Director, Lead Editor, and head of the Live Action Department at his school’s professional K9 studio.


His work on animated short films and music videos won him and his studio a number of Student Emmys.


Nathan has worked in other film studios, most notably Burn Films (BBB), where he took on such roles as Director of Photography, Editor, and Assistant Director. While at BBB, he helped produce short films, music videos, and live concert events, all of which fueled his growing love for film and photography as an artistic and intellectual medium. 



Sam West was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. From a young age she found herself participating in community theatre where she discovered her passion for storytelling. 


Now a recent graduate of Dartmouth College having continued in her passion for the arts with a major in Theatre. Throughout her time in school she worked with various regional and off-broadway theatres including Center Theatre Group, Northern Stage, and New York Theatre Workshop; and remained heavily involved in various student-led productions and projects.


A writer, producer, and sound designer, she is most interested in contemporary plays and film that explore race and gender in our ever-changing global world.



Jelinda is a student, actor, dancer, singer, and activist.


She was born and raised in Boston, MA, where her passion for helping others began. As her life continued, her interest in criminal justice and education grew through seeing those who looked like her without access to the opportunities that she was given.


Just before high school, Jelinda’s passion for being on stage was established. This past fall she participated in a hands-on internship at Northern Stage in Hanover, NH. There she was an assistant director on two plays, as well as an actor in It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play.


She is currently a junior at Dartmouth College and hopes to pursue a career in education policy, criminal justice, or acting after college.

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Maria Lucia is a painter, film editor and website designer.     


She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and graduated from Escola de Belas Artes de Sao Paulo with a degree in Fine Arts. In 2000, she moved to the United States where she became a citizen.


Maria Lucia regularly exhibited her work in Sao Paulo. During that period, she studied psychology and art therapy, two of her passions. She also worked as a private art teacher.


While in the US, Maria Lucia has explored different media, including film and editing. Her work with Portrait Interview, LLC, a personal interviewing service, allows her to combine her art and film editing skills with her interest in peoples’ life stories.


Maria Lucia is the co-founder and the Executive Director at Linley Foundation and co-director of the America I Want initiative.



Lexi is a theatre artist and dancer from Seattle, WA.


She currently a senior at Dartmouth College majoring in Theater modified with African and African American Studies. Theatrical credits include Iphis in House of Sticks (Vox Fest), The Narrator in Into The Woods (Dartmouth College), and Ensemble in King Lear (Northern Stage). Her solo dance piece removed was recently featured in the Vermont Dance Alliance’s Mixed Media Dance Symposium.


Outside of performance, Lexi is also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow involved in researching the history of African American performance and marginalized voices in American theatre.

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Ike was born and raised in Minnesota. He attended St. Cloud State University, with a BA degree in marketing. After graduating, he went on to complete the American Management Association’s business management program in New York.


Returning to Minnesota, Ike began a rewarding 50 year career in commercial real estate as a developer and acquisition specialist. His specialty was multi-use, high rise office building complexes. Ike traveled the US and world, heading teams of professionals, adding character and beauty to the skylines of the cities in which he worked from New York, Chicago to San Francisco.


Today Ike continues to be active on various consulting projects encompassing real estate, an at-risk boys school, residential and farm building projects, along with managing a 40 acre country estate.


Never one to rest, Ike is committed to the vision of The America I Want program to encourage dialogue among Americans of all ages, backgrounds and points of view.



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Jim is a painter, writer, editor and translator. 


He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and studied history, political economy and philosophy at the University of Toronto. 


Following his studies, he worked in think tanks, both in government and the private sector. 


In his early thirties, Jim decided to dedicate his life to painting and writing, passions he has since pursued in a number of countries, alongside his work as a freelance editor and translator. 


Today makes his home in a hamlet in France. 

Jim has exhibited his paintings in several European countries and recently published a book of his writings, entitled Epigrams—his work can be seen at


Guto was born in Tiradentes, Brazil. He graduated with a degree in systems analysis and has over 30 years of experience in the field. 


Five years ago, he changed course to become a video producer. In 2016-17, he recorded and edited the official video of the BMW “Motorrad—Experiences of Brasil” program. In 2018, he produced videos for Honda Red Rider, the official program of “Honda Motos Brasil.” 


In his native town, TIradentes, Guto has produced films for various events, including “The Tiradentes International Gastronomy Festival.” 


He currently produces institutional videos, videos with drones, adventure videos, interactive videos and personalized videos. He is passionate about being able to record events and personal portraits that will stand the test of time.


Ahmad Yassir is an international educator, artist, and social practitioner.


Yassir creatively leads the Sage Street Mill programs, partnerships, and initiatives while also overseeing the Mill’s ongoing development efforts into multiple sectors.


In his previous role as the marketing associate for the CYNTHIA-REEVES Gallery, he developed the branding identity and outreach plan for the Forefront 2020 event which centered 10 contemporary women artists through a symposium and exhibition on the campus of MASS MoCA. 


Before working in arts and facilities and team management, Yassir earned multiple grants and awards to work as an international educator in Lebanon, Turkey, Somaliland, and the United States. He taught arts, peacebuilding, and cultural studies and developed his educational pedagogy, leadership skills, and passion for structural design. 


Born in Tripoli, Lebanon as the youngest of six, Yassir earned multiple scholarships to pursue his education. With the support of the United World College in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yassir became a Davis Scholar to earn his BA from Bennington College in Vermont, where his studies focused on educational and community development with a concentration on public policy analysis and visual arts.   


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Cristina Gomes is a brazilian graphic designer based in Lisbon, with a solid experience in brand design and packaging.


Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1963, the early contact with nature influenced her environmental concerns.


Lately she’s been dedicating more of her time to photography and illustration.

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Lucas Petit Caputo is Brazilian of Italian descent. From an early age, he allowed himself to know and learn everything that was around him, he was always passionate about discovering things and be challenged. 


He studied Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of São João del-Rei, and today he is finishing Production Engineering, which is more linked to Marketing, the area that has been operating for more than 10 years. 


Lucas stood out in his area of ​​activity for winning numerous Branding projects for companies, and nowadays he works with traffic management, inbound marketing, visual identity and social media for different  companies.