Here’s your chance

Linley Foundation is launching an exciting social media program, so that we can express our deepest hopes and dreams for our country.


We want you to participate because your voice and experiences will be central to the conversation.


All you need to do is send us a 30-second video, or audio, on your phone telling us the America you want.


We will post a selection of your videos on this site and on our YouTube channel. We will also invite some of you to do follow-up interviews, because your experiences are part of the fabric of America.


So tell us: What is the America you want.


Let’s start a conversation about our country.


How to send your video

it's easy. Record your video on your cell phone or computer. Start with your name, town and state, followed by the sentence “The America I want is…” and tell us in 30 seconds or  less what you want for our country.

Then, your video will be saved on your image file. Come to  our website, click on  the button "Click and Send"  bellow and a  form will open. Fill in your information​ drop your video in the space assigned and accept the Terms of Service. 

If you are a person who doesn't like to have your image exposed, don't worry, we've thought about you. You can send us a voice recording. The procedure will be the same as the video.


That's it!


Thank you for being part of our community of people, who wants to have a conversation about America.

How to send your video

About our initiative

“The America I Want Is…” initiative was inspired by a program launched by the Brazilian television station Globo ahead of Brazil’s 2018 presidential election.The objective was to educate the presidential candidates about what its citizens wanted for their country. 

Linley has taken the concept of crowdsourcing citizens for input on their country to another level. Our goal is to create a national dialogue so that we can, together, reimagine an America that works for everybody.

Our model originated right here on our continent—in the indigenous First Nations tradition of the Talking Circle. 

In a Talking Circle, members of a tribe congregate to discuss an issue. A talking stick is passed from member to member. Only the person holding the stick is allowed to speak. Everyone else listens without argument or resistance. The stick is passed around until every member of the circle has spoken. 


This process allows each individual member to understand, firsthand, what other tribal members are thinking. It is a way to tap into the collective consciousness of the tribe. It is listening with the heart.


Linley has digitalized the Talking Circle and scaled it up to a national audience. 


We are asking Americans to send us a 30-second video on their phone or computer, telling us what they want for their country. We will post selected videos on our channel and use them as a springboard for further discussions, including interviews and live streaming sessions with experts. 


In other words, we are turning social media into America’s Talking Circle, and the cell phone into the talking stick.


So make sure you are part of the conversation and tell us what you would like to see for your country. Your voice is important.

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